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I grew up in Kent, raised on a diet of Enid Blyton books, Motown and reggae music and ponies.

I’ve worked for a local council, in numerous bars, a snooker club, been a beach bum in Malta (my spiritual home) and worked for the NHS for countless years until I was made redundant. Now after two years in marine insurance, i'm back in the NHS – that is when I’m not writing.

I always had romance stories going round in my head, some ideas I wrote down but most disappeared into the ether when the next one came along. That is until 2009 when Tia Storm and the Dubonnettis popped into my head, swiftly followed by Jay. And there they stayed until six books’ worth swirled around constantly, like a washing machine. That was it. I had to write it or go mad, and it simply gushed out onto the page, and it’s still coming.

My passions are my kids, horses, art and music and, of course, I love to write…

Books by T. Stedman

it was amazing
Darker than the series - steamy, atmospheric, with the feel of a horror!

Tiger Lily
it was amazing
The exciting story continues ...



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