New Cover & Trailer Revealed


Hi everyone!,

I’ve been so busy this week working on Tiger Lily and my new migraine wise blog (, but i am so pleased to be able to reveal the new cover for Protector which will be available free only from this website.


And i had some great fun putting together a trailer for Diablo. If you haven’t read it yet, take a look at this and let me know what you think?

Protector will be available in a couple of weeks. So please stay tuned.

Best wishes


Dark Romance – Diablo update

Diablo hood

Hi all!

It’s been a while since i posted and i apologise for that. I have moved house and started my new migraine wise blog which you can find at – There, you can learn how i managed to be a writer despite suffering chronic migraine. You never know it could help you too.

Diablo – has been out three months now, and i’ve had some great feedback and reviews. In case you haven’t read it yet, it is a whole lot darker than the series. The truth is, i had to write it as Shield Maiden (Book 3) of the series was going way too far down the dark route, so i needed to expel the need, and so Diablo came into my head. I’m back on track with the series now with Tiger Lily and it has the feel i wanted it to have. The first draft is almost done.

The cover – Most people loved the Alan Streets artwork on the cover, but i was sad that some didn’t get it. The thing was, when i needed to turn my attention to who i would use for this project, it was a no-brainer. If you’re interested you can watch the documentary about Alan at –   and see how he really links to the plot. Then it will make sense. I also wrote this exact picture into the story line in Dylan’s Diary. And those who are really familiar with what i do will know that one of my passions is art, and that i love to showcase huge talent through my books.

The darkness – I really got to indulge my dark side in this book, peering into the suffering of those with a  mental illness. But i also got to ask those ‘what if’s’. What if there are other dimensions? What if heaven could be scientifically explained as one of these? What if angels and demons were merely travellers through space from incorporeal worlds?

I got to touch on the shady worlds of the sex industry and the dark violence that hides in some people – only coming out in the underbelly of life few of us see.

I also got to highlight the dissatisfaction of a lot of women – those who ‘have it all’ the house, the husband and the 2.4 kids, that feel life should hold more for them, and those who search and crave that special someone to have that with, only to find their relationship is unfulfilled.

It is still a romance, although grittier than the series, i do hope the guys get something out of this too. The idea that fascinated me, and still does, is what people will put up with for true love. How we make excuses and always want to see the good, and how sex seems to be at the root of that powerful connection. Sex isn’t everything, but it is a pillar in a relationship, one that if it isn’t there, or of it crumbles, the whole relationship comes crashing down. In Grace and Dylan’s case, it’s smoking.

Grace Fellows i love, as she has the delightful balance between being a relatively sheltered person, but is strong and not afraid of going for what she wants. And Dylan, well, he knows everything bad and dark, and seeks the light through Grace. But doesn’t that make him all the more attractive girls?

The ending – Dylan. I don’t think it really matters for him which way you interpret the ending. The truth is that Dylan wants to rid himself of Diablo, whether that is to the other side of the universe or from his subconscious. He wants to be there for Grace and to keep her safe. So in a weird way, he is a kind of Prince Charming, in his sexy, studded, tattooed, cage fighting, porn star, kind of way, Lol. God i love writing …

Trailer – I haven’t done much promotion on Diablo so far as i have been so busy, but a trailer is in the process of being made, and i’ll be putting it here first.

Mailing list – Lastly, if you haven’t already, join my mailing list. I have a new novella which i am only releasing from here free to my subscribers. It is the long awaited story of Sean and Sarah, to accompany the 21st Century Sirens Series. Keep your eyes open. It’s coming very soon.

Best wishes to you all.


Interview with Naomi – a genuine Murr!

As requested, i conducted the weirdest interview ever. It was slightly disconcerting interviewing someone with no vocal cords, who transmits their thoughts straight to your head and reads yours. But the thing i was dying to experience was the original language of the Murrs – Mind Pictures, and the feelings projected along with them. Here is the interview conducted with Naomi Borge Bonaci, (the sirens mother) from the Great Hall of Ballygowan Castle :

T – Good morning Naomi!

She nods her head demurely.

T – Did you come straight from Murrtaine this morning … I mean do you spend long periods of time here at the castle?

At first sight, you can tell Naomi isn’t human. Even though her stripes aren’t visible, her skin has a bluish tinge, she is extremely tall, her eyes are overly large, and she sits unnaturally still.

N – I spend a few hours at a time, then i feel the need to get back into the water. It feels strange to me here.

Whoa! That was amazing. Words in my head, a different voice to my own, strong and as clear as a bell.

She smiles strangely but her eyes don’t express it. She nods again. Shit! She’s reading my thoughts. Her bubbling laughter sounds in my head.

T – Wow, that is unbelievable. I’ve never felt anything like it. Do you think you can talk to me briefly in your own language?

Instantly a picture came to me:


OMG! I saw it, and i instinctively knew it was her, Sebastian and one of their children. A feeling of love swept over me in a torrent. But who was this? Which one of the Sirens?


It was Tia. I’m not sure how i knew, but i was certain. This was a truly amazing experience, to feel what it would be like to communicate in an Alien language.

T – Please can you give me a sneak peak of Murrtaine, Naomi. I know it is a secret, but surely it wouldn’t give away where it is?

murrtaineArtist unknown

T – In a bubble on the ocean floor?

N – Yes, but you wouldn’t be able to see it unless it was allowed. It is a live membrane that can be passed through and then re-seals itself. It is impossible to locate unless you know where it is.

I was filled with excitement.

T – Will the readers ever get to see and experience Murrtaine?

N – Yes, in book 5 – Little Monster, I believe. The sirens must travel there and its whole existence is threatened.

T – Oh no, I hope everything works out.

N – we have survived 10,000 years here.

I suppose so. I guessed my time was almost up, and wanted to quickly ask one last question.

T – Do you get to meet your fourth daughter in Tiger Lily?

N – Yes i do. She is beautiful. Unfortunately she has had a very rough time and has equally troublesome times ahead.

T – Does she get a happy ending?

N – I certainly hope so, but her’s is a little more complicated than the others.

Bloody hell! It would have to be bad then.

Naomi smiled having read my response again. She bowed her head and appeared to float away to find Sebastian, the great love of her life.

There is is. I hope the ideas for Murrtaine have intrigued you. I absolutely loved writing it. 😉


A rare insight into the king – Dante Dubonnetti

Dante the king

Dante looking very regal!


T – Thank you for taking the time to see me, Your Highness.

D – Oh go on with yer, sit and ask yer questions.

I did as i was told. He seemed in a very jovial mood. I sorted through my questions and got straight to it.

T – It’s been a while since we’ve seen what you’re up to. Can you give us an update – like is Tia and the kids ok?

D – Yes, they’re grand thanks.

T –  So you and Tia, are you still together?

He laughed easily. God that smile was gorgeous. He nodded.

D – We are.

T – Only i spoke to Jay last week …

The smile faded a little from his face.

D – How is he?

The look of concern troubled me.

T – You’ve not seen him?

Dante looked uncomfortable for the first time.

D – He’s kinda got his own thing going on at the moment.

T – So you’ve drifted apart?

D – It gets a little strained at times – you can understand.

He looked at me in a way that said, ‘i know you know.’

T – Can you give the readers some clues. Is it going to get better for the three of you in Tiger Lily?

He took a moment to compose himself and walked around the room and leaned on the edge of the desk.

D – I have to get tough, ya know? I have to show the world who’s king.

T – With Jay?

He nods

D – Jay, Keenan, both me fathers.

T – And Tia?

He visibly softens and smiles.

D – God that woman tries me patience. But we are the closest we’ve ever been – There may even be the patter of more tiny feet.

He grins wickedly at my shocked face.

T – More kids?

He nods still smiling and holds up two more fingers.

T – Congratulations!

D – Thanks

May face falls when I think of Jay and what he said in my interview last week.

T – How does Jay take it?

He looks around and shrugs.

D – He’s had every chance … I did back off for him, remember?

I nodded.

D – Besides, Jay is walking down the aisle himself.

T – He is? Who?

Dante laughs loudly and waggles a finger.

D – I’ve said too much … he’ll kill me.

Still reeling at the shock of all this news, i shuffled through my notes to change the subject.

T – The fourth Siren … do you know who she is.

D – I do.

T – Do you know where she is?

D – I do now.

T – She’s not with you?

D – Not yet.

T – But it’s just a matter of time?

He sighs deeply and bobs his head.

D – I hope so, but this one is a lot more complicated than the others.

I grinned at him.

T – Can you tell us who her destined mate is?

Laughter bubbled up in him.

D – At this stage, i can honestly say i don’t know.

T – Can you tell us anything about her at all?

D – Her name is Lillian Gale. She’s a drummer, first reported to be hanging out with a crew of Atlantean surfers in Southern California.

T – Where is she now?

He shrugged and stood up telling me my time was up.

D – Not sure, last known sighting was in Italy.

I hitched a breath

T – Cesare`? … Not Malleven?

He reached out a hand for me to shake.

D – It’s been a pleasure, T.

His eyes glistened with mischief as he grinned at me.

T – You too!

And with that he pecked me on the side of the cheek and left. I’m more confused than ever. What was going on over here. More kids, Jay remarrying, and in possible trouble with Dante – Plus, was Malleven still alive?

One thing I was sure of was, i knew now why Tia found it so hard to choose between the two of  them.









Interview with Jay Gardiner – the inside scoop!

Sexy Jay

A rare playful photoshoot with Jay

Nerves were getting the better of me waiting in the private sitting room of the Bluebell Hotel. When Jay walked in after agreeing to a small photoshoot, i was struck dumb immediately by the strength and confidence he exuded.

He sat down opposite me and offered me a drink. Despite needing one badly i declined, deciding I needed a clear head for this.

T – Thanks for making the time for me – I know you’re a busy man.

He sat back in his chair and relaxed with his small smile that made me feel all kinds of uncomfortable.

J – No trouble at all. As a matter of fact, I’m leaving in a few hours to spend a couple of weeks in Barbados.

T – Oh, is that Dante’s place?

Jay nods, still regarding me closely. The sod knows how uncomfortable he’s making me.

T – Will you be meeting Tia there?

Jay’s expression immediately changes. So Tia is off limits for this discussion.

J – Not this time.

I decided to change tack.

T – So you’re still good friends with Dante then … I mean if you’re staying at his place?

J – Of course. What makes you think we aren’t?

T – Only that at the end of Shield Maiden, it all seems a bit strained between the two of you.

He looks me dead in the eye with his steely stare.

J – Dante and me will always be friends.

I swallowed hard, feeling like i just got told off.

J – Why don’t you get straight to what you really want to ask?

He was looking at me cynically with his eyebrows raised. I was a little taken aback. I knew he was a tough character and one you wouldn’t want to upset – Very sexy but a bit scary at the same time.

I decided to bite the bullet.

T – Ok … Is it true you have a blood addiction?

Jay’s eyebrows popped again as if i had surprised him with my bluntness. He conceded with a nod.

J – I suppose i asked for that. No … I don’t.

T – But you do take it … even though you’re not meant to?

Jay looked bored.

J – It has been known … next question?

I hit him again with both barrels.

T – Are you in a relationship at the moment – other than with Tia?

He narrowed his eyes and smiled like he wasn’t going to fall into any of my traps – darn! He knew exactly what i was trying to do.

J – I’m not in a relationship with anyone.

I was dying to ask him about where he got the marks on his neck, that he even wore right at that moment, but his whole posture told me not to even go there.

Shit! I shuffled through my notes to change the subject again.

T – Do you think you and Tia will be able to remain friends?

J – I hope so … we do have a son together.

T – How is JJ?

Jay smiled and relaxed immediately.

J – He’s very well, Thank you.

T – Did Isla come and work with his telekinesis as she promised?

Jay tilted his head as if he was impressed that i remembered, then nodded.

J – She’s coming to Ireland when i get back from Barbados – She’s bringing her boys.

T – That’s lovely. Are there any other likely additions in the royal household?

Jay shifted in his chair as if i was on dangerous ground again. Oops!

J – I’m not the person to ask.

T – Don’t you want any more?

Again the cold stare.

J – No.

That sounded pretty final. He looked at his watch and i could tell the interview was coming to a close as far as he was concerned.

T – Before we finish up, I know the readers are dying to know …

Jay just sat and waited, knowing he wasn’t going to like it.

I persisted anyway.

T – Are you the Darkly Begotten?

HIs face remained deadpan – giving nothing away.

J – There are those who think so.

And that was it. I knew he would give me nothing further.

T – Ah come on, Jay … Tiger Lily is almost done … can you give the readers any hint at what’s to come?

He genuinely laughs then, and oh my, i could see what Tia sees in him. The bloke was sexy.

He looked around him while he thought for a moment.

J – Look, I can’t talk for the others, but for me … I’m trying to stay away from Tia.

I watched him drinking up every word.

J – Let’s just say, I fall off the wagon big-time, in more ways than one … And me and Dante are the furthest apart we’ve ever been.

Then he grinned his charismatic smile, stood up, signalling the interview was over.

I stood as well in a daze.

T – Oh no … It is salvageable?

J – I certainly hope so. Now i really must get going.

He kissed me on both cheeks and i got a waft of eau de Jay and my knees wobbled a bit.

T – Thank you for your time.

J – No worries.

Then he left me standing there like a wally.

Shit! I’d better set up an interview with Dante. I needed to know more …