Soul Breather (Book 1)

Released 27th March 2015 | Buy Now


On a night like any other, a quick drink after work changes TIA STORM’S life forever. A beautiful, street savvy, DJ, she has no idea who she really is. All she knows is that she’s different. So no one is more surprised than her when her passion is ignited in the form of JAY GARDINER – glacier cool, and devastatingly good looking. But her time is already up. Fate has decided to throw her into the path of the gorgeous and combustible prince DANTE DUBONNETTI. All too late, Tia discovers the pleasure and the curse of the Siren’s Kiss. Now at the centre of a dangerously alien world of politics, power and prophesy, her life is no longer her own. Tia must fight to keep her identity, her liberty and her love. But the clock is ticking. Enemies are closing in all around her. Will she chose destiny over love?Oh hell … She’s a 21st Century Siren … she wants it all!

SOUL BREATHER is book one in the 21st Century Sirens Series.


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Blood Sister (Book 2)

Released 27th March 2015 | Buy Now


The Atlantean race now has a king but the crown sits uneasily on Dante Dubonnetti’s head. Four hybrid sisters remain hidden, and he must beat his enemies to find the next one …


All LACY RAIN has ever known is the children’s home in East London, and the love of the boy charading as her brother: KEENAN SANTALINI – a tattooed hot-head with a penchant for her blood. After a serious incident, a mysterious benefactor offers them the chance of a new life and the answers to all their questions. However, what should have been a fresh beginning ends up costing them dear when Lacy disappears. Now back, with everyone intent on her blood, Lacy struggles to remember Keenan and to fit into her new world. To do that she must go back to where she started, back to East London, to remember who she once was. But her enemies are waiting, and it becomes a deadly race to not only battle her demons but fight for Keenan’s life.

Is she strong enough to turn her back on the past and chose love? Hell! She’s a 21st Century Siren … and tougher than she looks!

BLOOD SISTER is book two in the 21st Century Sirens Series.

Blood Sister by T Stedman book cover



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Shield Maiden (Book 3)

Released 27th March 2015 | Buy Now

To never show what she loved was the greatest test of all.

ISLA SNOW is a loner, her spirit unbroken by years of isolation in a secure government facility. Life stretches out before her, bleak and empty, until she discovers a secret in the abandoned basement. She isn’t alone …

Hope is short-lived. The time has come for her to be handed back to her people. Isla is delivered straight into the hands of the enigmatic MALLEVEN MANCINI: cunning, ruthless and impossible to resist. Dragged into the hedonistic, cut-throat world of the Atlanteans, she soon realises she’s to be used yet again in a dangerous game for power. Now poised to take the kingdom, and with Human governments aligning to strengthen their position, Isla must find the strength to make the decision of her life. With everything at stake, is she strong enough to fight Fate? Can she reveal her heart to be with the only man she’s ever loved, before it’s too late? A wise man once said, ‘Fall seven times, get up eight’… A 21st Century Siren’s strength is in her heart, her mind and her very blood!

SHIELD MAIDEN is book three in the 21st Century Sirens Series.

Shield Maiden by T Stedman book cover



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Tiger Lily (Book 4)

Release date 14th April 2017 | Buy Now

When the Siren calls, the wind will follow … and there will always be blood! (Atlantean Proverb)

The Atlanteans have co-existed with humans for centuries, but it’s a shaky truce. Dante Dubonnetti, holds his crown precariously with the help of three Siren sisters. With his enemies closing in, and two sisters still unaccounted for, the stakes couldn’t be higher…


LILIAN GALE is like no one else she knows. After fighting to survive, and with nothing but a pair of drumsticks, she escapes London for the sun-kissed dream of California. Pretty soon she falls in with a crew of surfers who aren’t quite what they seem. Under the wing of their sexy, laid-back leader, LANCE McCABE, she pieces together who she is. Slowly but surely, she learns to trust. But he is hiding a terrible secret. At her lowest ebb, a mysterious stranger makes her a once-in-a-lifetime proposition. A seductive man with a heady mix of sinful good looks and even darker magic, he is ready to not only protect her, but satisfy her every desire. Sucked into the Atlantean world where fate decides lovers, magic enters dreams, and a mere kiss can affect her whole future, Lily is trapped in a gilded cage. Even after a daring escape, she finds herself more deeply embroiled than ever before. It’s time to decide where her true love and loyalties lie. But with a kingdom at stake, and a prophecy of spilled blood, does she really have a choice? Hell, yeah! She’s a 21st Century Siren … and never follows the rules!

TIGER LILY is Book 4 in the 21st Century Sirens Series and a sexy, fast-paced Fantasy Romance. The Atlantean world of forbidden passion, dark strangers and tangled relationships is just a click away.


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Night Goddess (Book 5)

Release date 1st December 2018 |Buy Now

Everything we are and everything we’re meant to be is written in our blood …In this, the penultimate installment of the 21stCentury Sirens series, there is just one siren left unaccounted for. The truce with the humans is crumbling and Dante, the king, is struggling to hold the Atlantean race together. Meanwhile, in the shadows, a sect of warrior monks works tirelessly to wipe them from the face of the earth for ever.


PHOEBE RAY has planned a fun gap year in Seattle, but a wild night with enigmatic rock singer DREW STONE changes everything. In the heat of passion, he makes the mistake of giving her his blood. Not that he has much choice when the change comes over her. Surprisingly he sticks around and from that moment they are inseparable and their whole world turns upside down. After an offer they can’t refuse, they’re taken to a castle in Ireland to meet her people; a race Phoebe never knew existed. Hidden in plain sight, the Atlanteans have inhabited the earth for thousands of years. It soon becomes apparent that, even there, blood-drinking is frowned upon. Phoebe and Drew find themselves distrusted, and under scrutiny because something is happening with Drew too. He’s changing. In a world out to get them, where no one can be trusted, all they want is to be together. But she is the very last in a 10,000-year-old prophecy and Drew could derail it all. Time has run out and the Atlanteans are at risk of discovery. In the end it all rests on Phoebe…Is she up to the task?… She’s a 21st Century Siren and makes up her own rules!


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Darkly Begotten (Book 6)

Release date April 17, 2021 | Buy Now

In the midst of chaos, darkness is already there … (Taken from the tomes of Atlantis)

MALLEVEN MANCINI has lied, cheated and stolen to take the kingdom. Thousands of humans have died, the world is crumbling and everyone knows they’re out of time.

While Dante, the former king, lies dying and the sirens and their children fear for their lives, it is Vionne Borge who must hold it all together. He learns what the Darkly Begotten really is and what it means for the kingdom. He must fight for his people, the Murrs, and keep his vow to his father—even if that means sacrificing his happiness. But it is a beautiful stranger, ASHAYA, who forces him to challenge everything he thought he knew.

In the thrilling conclusion to the series, we’re plunged with the sirens into the Return—their loves, losses and fears, to finally find out if they get their heart’s desire.

Tissues at the ready.

They’re 21st Century Sirens and life seldom goes according to plan!



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Read more about the cover artists:

21st Century Sirens – Anna Dittman
Dark Valentines & Young Atlanteans – Freddy Studart (Artwork & artstation )
Night Shades – Daniela Owergoor


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