My Migraine Story

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More than a list of common triggers and remedies, My Migraine Story is an emotionally candid personal account, learned through trial and error and bitter experience.


Tracy is a life-long migraine sufferer. By the time she was forty-five years old she was out of action for half of every month. She’d been made redundant, her marriage had broken down and she’d become suicidal.

Something needed to be done.

With only her love of the outdoors, health and well-being, she set out on a journey to chase her dream of being a writer.

But first she must fight her curse.

She started by examining herself closely – what she did, what she ate and how she felt, and recorded it all.

Looking closely at diet, supplements, hormones, cosmetics and mental well-being, no stone is left unturned. Tracy developed a positive mental attitude to migraine and really started to live.

This is a concise and detailed log of how she did it.

“The great thing is, I’m no longer in a prison. I’m only limited by my imagination …”

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