Young Atlanteans: Two Tribes

A Young Adult Urban Fantasy Adventure
Release date March 21st, 2022
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Rebel sixteen-year-olds Xavier, Alexia, and JJ have been sent to a rough school in South London. Their fathers have had enough. From a secret species that settled on earth 10,000 years ago, they’re spoiled, wealthy and have more powers than they can handle. They have a duty to their race and yet no clue how the other half lives—something their fathers are determined to remedy.

But sharing a mother and two royal fathers has fostered a bitter rivalry between the boys. Xavier wants the crown. JJ is self-destructive, carrying an ancient legacy of his own. Alexia won’t be bossed around for much longer. So, getting expelled and sent home should be easy.

However they didn’t anticipate forming complicated relationships with the locals.

Life is about to get very real.

After street gangs overrun the school and their fathers appear to abandon them, they take matters into their own hands. Meanwhile, watching them closely is a crime lord more dangerous than they could ever imagine …


TWO TRIBES is the first in the new YOUNG ATLANTEANS series!

One crown. Two heads. One day they will have to fight it out …



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