T Stedman Author Image British bestselling author, T Stedman, is a keen horsewoman, a devourer of Fantasy Romance and a self-confessed escapist.

She debuted in 2015 with her six-book Urban Fantasy Romance series, 21st Century Sirens. Followed closely by her collection of Dark Romances, The Dark Valentines, which she still writes. She is a migraine mentor, penning her semi-autobiographical work on migraine, My Migraine Story, which spun off from her migraine-wise blog, designed to offer useful advice to fellow migraine sufferers.

After eleven books and two Novellas, she continues on her writing journey with her teen Urban Fantasy series, Young Atlanteans, which has solidified her as a multi-stringed author.

She currently resides in the Kent countryside with her kids, dogs and horses, where she works in the NHS. And, of course, she loves to write …

T. Stedman’s books on Goodreads

Soul Breather
Soul Breather (21st Century Sirens, #1)

reviews: 12

ratings: 45 (avg rating 3.73)


Blood Sister
Blood Sister (21st Century Sirens, #2)

reviews: 2

ratings: 9 (avg rating 4.89)


Shield Maiden
Shield Maiden (21st Century Sirens, #3)

reviews: 2

ratings: 10 (avg rating 4.70)


My Migraine Story - From Darkened Room to Writer!
My Migraine Story – From Darkened Room to Writer!

reviews: 4

ratings: 7 (avg rating 4.57)


Night Goddess
Night Goddess (21st Century Sirens Book 5)

reviews: 3

ratings: 6 (avg rating 4.17)



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