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Demons won’t stay buried for ever

Two years on and the group of friends living at Waxley Black Manor have moved on from the mystery of Sam’s death. But finding out how she died and about the life she left behind is still a burning need inside her.

The cottage where she lived draws her to it every day and she’s convinced it holds the answer. But all she can do is watch from the sidelines at the family she doesn’t remember.

An invisible force stops her getting any closer and she senses she’s not alone.

The prickling suspicion that someone is always following her.

Watching and waiting in the shadows.

As she sleeps, snippets of a dark, addictive stranger plague her dreams until she finally discovers what he is – and that he’s everything she should abhor.

But she can’t.

He’s become more than just a friend. He’s from her past and is literally the only person who can help her find out the truth. They join forces and he helps her piece together what happened on that fateful day and make the most horrifying discovery of all.

DEMON IN THE ATTIC is a paranormal thrill ride and number two in the Night Shades series.


The Blackwood Curse (Book 1)

Release date June 26th, 2021 | Buy Now

Love, loyalty and revenge can cross time, dimensions and even death …

A tragic accident brings REBECCAH WHITELY to England, to live in the creepy old Blackwood house of her ancestors.

Clues soon start to appear in the old orangery. Tokens between lovers, warnings to stay away and whisperings of The Blackwood Curse.

When mysterious messages even start to appear on her laptop from ‘Vampire Boy’, the rude, antisocial user she’s never met, she knows she has to get to the bottom of it. Somehow, everything seems linked to the other large house across the wood.

But just as she starts to make friends and sixth form’s about to start, the snow begins to fall and she learns too late, The Blackwood Curse has already begun to trap her …

The Blackwood Curse is the first Night Shades Novel


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