Star Child (Book 3)

Release date December 2022 \ Buy Now

SASHA BOND, fashion designer, and her boyfriend, Lil Jace, just love creating their unique brand of mayhem with their close-knit band of rap artists, poets and film makers. They are a musical collective that built a fanbase online without an agent, manager, or record deal.

One fateful day, they come to the notice of STAR CHILD, aka Raziah Faye Carpathian, prodigy and producer behind the multi-billion-dollar Carpathian corporation and life is never the same again.

Devastatingly for Sasha, Lil Jace is not only destined for stardom, but also Raz’s bed. Sasha must begin to put herself first. Because STAR CHILD has a brother, far more dangerous than she could ever imagine, and Sasha now works for him.

While Jace slowly self-destructs, terrible things are happening around them. There are rumours of magic, Devil worship and people disappearing. Sasha must finally learn the true and terrible price of success …

Cover artwork and Graphic design by Freddy Studart

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Diablo (Book 1)

Release date 21st December 2015 | Buy Now

GRACE FELLOWS appears to have it all. Great social life, good friends, city job, lovely home… The one thing she’s missing is that someone special. Then, on a night out with the girls, she bumps into DYLAN O’SHEA.

Quiet and withdrawn, he has morphed into a tall, tattooed, smoldering sex-god. But his intense blue gaze and quiet confidence masks a terrible secret.

Drawn slowly in over her head, Grace uncovers Dylan’s shady double life of sex and violence. With mysterious medicines in his cupboard and strange markings all over his body, Grace attempts to unravel the mystery of Dylan’s past.

Enlisting the help of friends, Fenton and Cerise, she enters a dangerous game, where few come out alive.

Forced to turn to science for help, the answers too fantastic to even contemplate, they rendezvous at a specific place and time in Scotland. There, Dylan must not only fight for his identity, but his life. And Grace, now vulnerable, faces a battle of her own: to not only survive the night, but resist the allure of the man she’s come to know as the Devil.

Cover artwork and Graphic design by Freddy Studart


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The Watchers (Book 2)

Release date 21st March 2020 | Buy Now

The temptation is as old as time: would you sacrifice your soul for a few good years on earth?

For those of you reading this book for the first time, you have many to thank who went before you. Some are no longer with us. They sacrificed their life to the darkness so you might understand the peril you are in. For the first time, you are being given an informed choice when dealing with The Watchers.

Because, make no mistake, you are in peril.

You have come to the notice of a special type of fallen angel, with the power of the universe behind them and interested in nothing but your soul…

For Rachel Fairweather, the above warning could come too late. She’s already in the tattoo artist’s chair, being groomed by the most cunning, seductive creature that has ever walked the earth. He is cold, bitter and has seen every sin and inclination of man. He makes short work of luring her into his six-session journey of discovery, where the cost of her every desire could be all that she holds dear.

THE WATCHERS is the second in the Dark Valentines Collection.

Cover artwork and Graphic design by Freddy Studart


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