COMING SOON! Sneak peek at the back cover blurb for The Watchers!

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The temptation is as old as time: would you sacrifice your soul for a few good years on earth?


For those of you reading this book for the first time, you have many to thank who went before you. Some are no longer with us. They sacrificed their life to the darkness so you might understand the peril you are in. For the first time, you are being given an informed choice when dealing with The Watchers.

Because, make no mistake, you are in peril.

You have come to the notice of a special type of fallen angel, with the power of the universe behind them and interested in nothing but your soul…


For Rachel Fairweather, the above warning could come too late. She’s already in the tattoo artist’s chair, being groomed by the most cunning, seductive creature that has ever walked the earth. He is cold, bitter and has seen every sin and inclination of man. He makes short work of luring her into his six-session journey of discovery, where the cost of her every desire could be all that she holds dear.

THE WATCHERS is the second in the Dark Valentines Collection.


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