Darkly Begotten – Coming Any Day Now!

March 29, 2021 tracy No comments exist

After a nightmare year, Darkly Begotten is ready. Just thought I’d give you a heads up with the blurb and to let you know to watch this space for a release date. It is very definitely coming soon

In the midst of chaos, darkness is already there … (Taken from the tomes of Atlantis)

 MALLEVEN MANCINI has lied, cheated and stolen to take the kingdom. Thousands of humans have died, the world is crumbling and everyone knows they’re out of time.

While Dante, the former king, lies dying and the sirens and their children fear for their lives, it is Vionne Borge who must hold it all together. He learns what the Darkly Begotten really is and what it means for the kingdom. He must fight for his people, the Murrs, and keep his vow to his father—even if that means sacrificing his happiness. But it is a beautiful stranger, ASHAYA, who forces him to challenge everything he thought he knew.

In the thrilling conclusion to the series, we’re plunged with the sirens into the Return—their loves, losses and fears, to finally find out if they get their heart’s desire.

Tissues at the ready.

They’re 21st Century Sirens and life seldom goes according to plan!


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