The Sirens and the ocean

May 30, 2015 tracy

The sirens descend from an underwater people who originate from a water breathing race from Atlas, on the other side of the universe. This means that the ocean figures greatly in the series. Darres (Book 3, Shield Maiden) took refuge in a reef off the Florida keys.

This was a great opportunity for me. With Tia being caught in trawler nets, and Darres surviving among the many creatures who live there, it cast a spotlight on an area of great beauty and diversity.

Ocean biodiversity – (The variety of species and habitats) is changing like never before. ‘Human-dominated marine ecosystems are experiencing accelerating loss of populations and species, with largely unknown consequences’.

So become aware people. Unless we live near the sea or are a surfer, folks nowadays tend to forget the huge part the ocean plays in our delicately balanced planet we call Earth. It is a place of great colours and beauty and deserves our reverence and attention.

purple coral

Better than any painters palette!

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