Who is Tia Storm?

June 27, 2015 tracy

DJ … Horsewoman … Atlantean?

She’s all of the above, but she is also a very troubled and complex character. Taken from her mother and father as a small baby, she is placed in a foster home with her two half brothers: Luqa and Dino. We know very little about this time, only that it wasn’t happy, and that she very often got beaten for singing and for breathing underwater.

Later she meets Dannyl – a Protector who abuses his position and dies under mysterious circumstances, landing Tia in trouble. But she meets Cash through the experience, which can only be a good thing.

With such a shaky start in life, she struggles to come to terms with her lack of freedom and responsibilities of being a wife, queen, and a mother. Not to mention being caught between the two main men in her life. As the series continues we see her battle with these issues resulting in her escaping at every opportunity and harming herself (a coping mechanism since childhood), but we also see her growing as a person.

Hopelessly in love with Jay Gardiner, it seems obvious that she will end up with him, but her physical bond with Dante, and his obsession and adoration of her means he plays the long game. By the end of book three, it certainly isn’t so clear cut.

As with all fairytales there has to be an ending. I know who Tia will end up with. The clues are all there, do you?

Tia Storm

Here she is on the fateful night Jay snubs her, waiting to go and play at Rare Moods.

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