Character Profile – Jay Gardiner

August 8, 2015 tracy

Everyone I talk to is more than a little in love with Jay. As if being around 6 feet, blond, with startlingly blue eyes wasn’t enough, he is successful, driven and effortlessly cool. Absolutely no one and nothing rattles him, making him a shrewd business man, a badass fighter, and an irresistible lover.

When Tia Storm is tempted by him within moments of meeting, his fate and entry into the Atlantean world is sealed. But like many of the characters, Jay keeps a scarred and troubled past to himself and instead of keeping his distance, all that smouldering broodiness just serves to draw Tia tightly to him.

If only life (or fiction) were that easy. Jay’s other love is for his best friend, Dante Dubonnetti, who he knows, and knows him, more than another living soul, which makes major waves when they both become involved with Tia. The two men have a deep and complex relationship explored through all the books, and means he could throw what he has with Tia away with his split loyalties.

By the end of book 3 – Shield Maiden, he believes he is some kind of ticking bomb sent to ruin his best friend. In order to protect everything he loves, he starts to extricate himself from both Dante and Tia. Going headlong into a tailspin, we learn that he is developing a blood habit (Strictly against Atlantean law) and by the end of the book, seeing a mystery Atlantean woman.

An adopted son of both the Dubonnetti and the Bonaci families, where can he possibly go from there? The Atlantean world is controlled by the Orb and the Fates, and everyone has their ordained place in it. The Darkly Begotten is coming!


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