What is Elixir?

August 15, 2015 tracy

It features in all the books in the series, so just what is Elixir and what does it do?

Manufactured in Murrtaine, all Atlantean princes take it, as well as all those that get near a siren out of necessity – such as Protectors. Because of this, we know it’s a formula that probably came with their descendants from the water world of Atlas 10,000 years ago.

Their core temperature is higher than ours, and in their native environment they would be under water all the time, but living on earth, even though they have adapted very well, there are certain circumstances when their temperature raises dangerously high. Tia and her sisters have purer blood than other Atlanteans, so is that it; is it simply used to lower body temperature?

Partly, but it’s more than that. When compatible mates get in close proximity to each other, they cannot escape the physical reaction to their mate. Their temperature soars, their head swims, they feel nauseous, and liable to faint. Sex outside of water is not just difficult, it can kill them. Three doses, taken five days apart, can lessen these affects.

What happened with Jay though, he’s not even Atlantean? When Tia shares a Sirens kiss with Jay and binds him to her forever, the very fabric of their DNA join together. Jay then becomes dangerously ill when his body fights it like a virus. A booster supply of Elixir (And some strong mental conditioning) delivered urgently, helps his body tolerate the invasion of Tia’s spirit and he is never the same again.

Elixir isn’t the only way to lower body temperature. The Santalini’s have another method given to them as a special dispensation centuries ago and it’s hot!



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