The importance of blood!

August 22, 2015 tracy

The consumption of blood is strictly forbidden under Atlantean law, and has been since the beginning of their colonisation of Earth, 10,000 years ago. Atlanteans believe that a person’s life force is in the blood, holding their essence of who they are.  For a Siren, it holds her power and is extremely sacred.

The Santalini’s have always been the special forces of the race and were sent to scout the land first. They were therefore given special dispensation to live from the blood of human hosts in order to survive. Already having fearsome canines to intimidate and fight their enemies, it was only a small adaption to become Vampires.

By the time we meet Keenan and Lacy in Blood Sister – the destined mates are bound in blood. A small amount of blood is ingested by each of them ‘until such a time as they can be bound by themselves’. No longer vampiric, the Santalini family is blooded at puberty (Given a small amount to ingest) which kick-starts the male’s growth into their huge physiques. Then when they reach adulthood, they have the uber erotic addition to their love-making of being able to swop blood to bind each other together. This in turn has the benefit of  lowering body temperature when they can no longer make love under water. For Keenan and Lacy, who later have the sirens bond, they can breathe under water making the blood bond obsolete.

By the end of Blood Sister and into Shield Maiden, blood takes on a much more sinister use. We already know that Jay has a dubious past, but we find out that he came into being through black magic summoned through his mother’s consumption of Christian Dubonnetti’s blood. Now believing his soul is dark, Jay discovers the power contained in Atlantean blood and the physical high it can give, when he samples Tia’s by accident. It seems he is developing a taste for it.

Concerned for his friend, Dante spells out to Jay, that on know account must he take blood again. Dante sadly realises that he ignores his warning. “Don’t force my hand, Jay,” he reminds him. Dante knows Jay is seeing a mystery Atlantean woman. While he is pleased that Jay has someone and therefore less of a temptation for Tia, he knows that he will have to show the Atlantean world, waiting for him to make a mistake, that rules cannot be flouted – even by his best friend.

The ones above this law are the Santalini’s, and the hottest is Keenan!

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