The Duke Ormond Delissi!

August 29, 2015 tracy

Good guy or  “Slippery fu**er,” the jury is out where The Duke is concerned. Leaving Dante’s mum high and dry with a baby to bring up to pursue a life as a diplomat, he comes off as a shady character. But he explains to Dante that he was destined for his role, and despite being the love of his life, Dante’s mother was promised to Christian Dubonnetti, Delissi’s first cousin.

What do we know of him so far? Well, the only time Dante ever asked him for anything he came through. Tia was taken and Delissi used his considerable influence with the American government and found her within hours. All Dante had to do was go and get her. With Tia home safe and sound, and Dante firmly on the Atlantean throne, Delissi attends the presentation of the sirens to represent the Dubonnetti royal family. Dante starts to believe he is a man of honour. But by book 2 Dante isn’t so sure. Someone brokered the exchange of Tia for Isla, and to make matters worse they handed her straight to the Florianna family, to one of his rivals. When he finds out it was his father Dante is furious. How could his own father do that when he knows the strength of his crown rests on his obtaining all five sirens?

The fact remains that Delissi has represented the Atlantean nation with the Humans for a long time. He is known as the Ambassador for Central Atlantic affairs. Tia’s father and uncle; Sebastian and Alfonzo Bonaci, trust him implicitly, so that should testify to him being honourable. He himself would admit that he  plays “politics with the big boys,” implying that a man has to be a bit dodgy to reach the end goal.

Dante no longer trusts him but admits the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. He warns him that he will scan his mind for intent (a painful process) if he has cause to doubt him in future. This saddens Delissi, after all, he only just got to know his son. But for the man known to the Atlanteans as The Ghost, to serve his race is a lonely occupation.

So our minds are still not made up about the sexy, distinguished, Italian guy, whose smile reminds Tia of Dante.


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