Lacy Rain

September 22, 2015 tracy

Lacy Rain is the second sister and features in book 2; Blood Sister.

Imagine what it must be like to struggle with two kids in a foreign country, with no friends or family, in a dingy flat, in New York. To have your home invaded suddenly by soldiers–one of whom is so scary; his eyes burn red like hot coals and his canines decent into long fangs. He keeps you cornered away from your children and when you try to fight him he bites you so you can’t move. How terrifying that would be.

The ordeal isn’t over. Lacy is taken to a strange mansion where she is told the children aren’t biologically hers. Where everything she believed to be true is a lie. Her memory gone except for the hazy drugged days of the previous year. Utterly confused, she is forced to share a room with the man she believes is a monster. To make matters worse, she begins to fall into the grip of an insane attraction for him that simply goes against all logic.

Over time he tries to build her trust, telling her they were brought up together, that she was always meant to be with him. A hard concept to grasp when all she feels is an overwhelming guilt for the betrayal of a man she can’t even remember. But fate and their obvious compatibility means she succumbs to him more and more. By the time she finally acknowledges that the past no longer matters and she can’t do without him, it is too late. Her enemies are all around and threaten to take her future as well as her past.

But Lacy is a Soul Breather. She is strong and so are her instincts. She quickly works with Dante, the new king to find him. Her happiness and the new kingdom depends on it. She is rewarded when she saves him and makes him her husband. Keenan is finally hers. Finally happy, she discovers she has a sister, a new family, and come to terms with what has happened to her.

It appears to be the perfect ending for the second sister, but there is always a new enemy waiting–as well as an old one!

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