Malleven Mancini

September 26, 2015 tracy

Dark and chiselled and impeccably dressed, Malleven Mancini turns heads male or female. Bisexual and uber sexy, he knows the effect he has. Educated at Cambridge with his cousin Cesare` and paid for with the vast Florianna fortune, he successfully hides his humble roots. Even though his mother was a Florianna princess, his father was a lower class Atlantean from southern India.  Born in the provinces, Rodrigo Mancini plucked him from obscurity and treated him like a son. With no children of his own, Rodrigo tutored him in the black arts and alchemy, which is much revered in the Florianna family. In fact, they are often referred to as the wizards of the race. With this side to his nature nurtured, he joins an ancient order of Magi as soon as he is old enough, giving him added mystique and social standing.

Malleven has spent his life improving himself academically, specialising in chemistry – his absolute first love. He appreciates all the finer things in life. The one thing that he feels lacking is his origins, even though no one would guess, it is an inadequacy he feels deeply. He was discounted in ever qualifying for a siren, not even given a divining ring as a child. Determined to rectify the slight, he purchases one for himself as soon as he is old enough.

What drives Malleven to want a siren so badly, apart from the obvious – riches and power? Ultimately, he needs validation within the Atlantean nation. Ironically, when Isla falls into his hands using unscrupulous methods with Lacy, he realises that fate chose him any way. It is too late and he is forced to use his cousin Cesare` to get close enough to the kingdom to try to take it. The favoured Florianna son and easy going surfer is thoroughly duped, showing that Malleven is ruthless in getting what he wants. But his bid for the crown is unsuccessful – even with the backing of the Magi and the rest of the Floriaana family. The decision falls to Isla, as is the custom, and she refuses him. By the end of Shield Maiden, Malleven is believed dead and Cesare` in disgrace.

But Malleven is powerful and cunning, and has many well connected friends. I wouldn’t mind betting that he will survive and make an appearance in book 4 – Tiger Lily, badder, hotter and more crafty than ever. After all, what girl could resist such a heady combination?


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