The brotherhood of the Magi

October 31, 2015 tracy

The definition that appears in Wikipedia is: In English, the term “magi” is most commonly used in reference to the “μάγοι” from the east who visit Jesus in Chapter 2 of the Gospel of Matthew Matthew 2:1, and are now often translated as “wise men” in English versions.

These men were probably part of the tribe of Magi which was one of the six tribes of the Medes, and is almost certainly where the words magic and magician were derived from.

This really got my imagination working. An ancient people at the very root of where magic came from, and so Malleven’s Magi brotherhood was born. The fact that the wise men followed a star was no surprise. Malleven’s Magi were astrologers and practitioners of Alchemy – reading fortune and fate by the position of the planets and stars. The Magi are also referred to as a select sect of priests, fitting perfectly the dark satin robes and sanskrit symbols the brotherhood wear as part of their symbolic garb.

Malleven had been inducted into the brotherhood ranks at a young age through his Florianna uncle, and when he prostrates himself before the throne in the sandstone temple in Syria, in front of the high priest Nasr, his fate is bound with them forever; not only in bringing them the Atlantean crown, but the powerful mythical being of the Darkly Begotten.

magiRembrandt: The Adoration of the Magi

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