Its all about the stones – The princes’ divining rings

November 8, 2015 tracy

The first glimpse we get of the mysterious jewellery all the Atlanteans wear is right back at the beginning in the prologue of Soul Breather. Dante is given a ring by his father on his thirteenth birthday. It is a divining ring especially forged for princes who scour the world in search of the five fabled Sirens. Christian Dubonnetti explains it perfectly:

“This ring,” and he held it up high, “will tell you when you get near one. It will change colour to turquoise. But if it ever turns to deepest purple, you have found your queen, Dante; your most compatible mate in the world. That is, if you find her before the sons from the other four Atlantean families. Then you will be king, not of just one country, but of the whole Atlantean world.”

So for a prince everything is at stake, for him, his family and all Atlanteans, because only when a king is crowned do they stand any chance of survival when their ancestors return to earth one day.

2015-04-04 15.46.19 turquiose divining purple ring

The rings start off an opaque white, “Dante’s eyes widened in horror as Christian pressed the side of the ring and a spike shot out about a centimetre long… Christian rammed the ring onto his finger ensuring the spike entered the soft flesh between the knuckles … It was swirling with white smoke mixing with his dark red blood until it settled white again.”

Marco finds Tia Storm first when his ring detects her by turning turquoise, but it is only when she meets Dante that his ring turns deepest purple and her fate is sealed; to be queen and Dante’s most compatible mate in the world.

But every single Atlantean carries a small piece of mystical jewellery. What does it mean for them?

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