Jewellery of the Atlanteans

November 16, 2015 tracy

Jay won a bracelet in a card game, and Cash and Sean (Tia’s Protectors) each had a St Christopher-like necklace, in Book 1 – Soul Breather. The jewellery holds a piece of turquoise stone believed to be taken from the Orb itself – the mystical power beacon brought from their home planet, Atlas, 10,000 years ago.

It isn’t just the royals that have a piece of ancient jewellery, or even the protectors, but each and every Atlantean family in the world. Believed to contain the Chi, it remains connected to the Orb, and we know that it is so powerful that it even affects the climate here on Earth.

The power held within the stone brings the bearer luck and fortune. “The saying money goes to money comes from that very truth.” In fact everything the wearer does will bear fruit for them.

It is a truly blessed gift to own one of these pieces, as well as being useful in identifying Atlanteans of any class, but the orb likes everything in its precise order and hates when the fates are tampered with. So the link works both ways; it may give the bearer riches but it also allows the orb to keep connected with its people and what they are doing. Wonder where it is?turquiose


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