Mystical influences and the Orb

November 23, 2015 tracy

Everything in the Atlantean world revolves around fate, and the force that drives it is the Orb. Brought to earth 10,000 years ago, it changed the earths weather patterns to the seasons we have today. It gives each Atlantean prosperity and success but it doesn’t like fate tampered with.

No one seems to know its whereabouts, but its assumed to be held somewhere in Murrtaine. Cut from humans, it seems the safest place. The worlds governments would love to get their hands on it, because to do so would make them supremely powerful. They search for Sirens, Murrtaine and the Orb constantly. They’ve never liked the fact that the Atlanteans hold all the power and most of the worlds wealth.

There is a connection between the Orb and the sirens, for what we are not sure yet. It is a beacon of contact between earth and Atlas, so through that they manage to keep tabs on how far into the last days the Atlanteans have come. From this they will make their judgement on when to return.

Dante Dubonnetti has been crowned king. He has met and married his siren and two of her sisters have been located. When he has all five and the link is complete, they will find out how the Orb comes into all this. But who or what is the darkly begotten? It is the thing rumoured to come to ruin everything. Is it a necessary evil for the time of the end? We’ll have to wait and see …


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