21st Century Sirens Series Glossary!

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Character list and Atlantean terms

For those of you who want to keep up with the characters’ relationships, Atlantean terms and their meanings, here’s a sneak peek at the comprehensive list that appears in book 5.

Characters in family groups


Alfonzo Bonaci – Head of the Bonaci royal family and uncle to the Sirens

Sebastian Bonaci – Brother to Alfonzo and father to the Sirens

Luca Bonaci – Half brother to the Sirens

Dino Bonaci – Full brother to Luca and half brother to the Sirens

Tia Storm – Siren – First wife and most compatible to Dante – queen – bonded to Jay

Lacy Rain – Siren –Mated and most compatible with Keenan Santalini and second wife to Dante

Isla Snow – Siren – Mated to Darres Borge, third wife to Dante (Most compatible to Malleven)

Lilian Gale – Siren – Mated and most compatible to Lance McCabe – bonded to Cesaré Florianna by First Breath and therefore the only Siren not married to Dante

Phoebe Ray – Siren – Mated to Drew Stone, Fourth wife to Dante – bonded to Malleven by First Breath – Most compatible eventually to Vionne Borge


Royal Children


Xavier – Son of Dante and Tia

Alexia – Daughter of Dante and Tia

Roman – Son of Dante and Tia

Zander – Son of Dante and Tia

JJ – Son of Jay and Tia



Darl – Lord Advocate of Murrtaine and father to Vionne, Dax, Caan, Axyl and Darres

Vionne Borge – Murr and eldest son and successor to Darl

Dax Borge – Son of Darl, brother to Vionne

Caan Borge – Son of Darl, brother to Vionne

Axyl Borge – Son of Darl, brother to Vionne, Dax, Caan, twin of Darres and ruler of Murrla

Darres Borge – Son of Darl, twin of Axyl, brother to Vionne, Dax and Caan – Mate to Isla Snow

Naomi – Wife to Sabastian Bonaci – Mother to Sirens


Royal children


Keefa – Son of Darres and Isla Snow

Dannon – Son of Darres and Isla Snow



Dante Dubonnetti – King and most compatible mate and married to Tia Storm (and all other Sirens except Lily)

Duke Ormond Deliss – Biological father to Dante and Ambassador for the Atlanteans in Washington DC

Christian Dubonnetti – Stepfather to Dante and head of the Dubonnetti royal family

Marco Dubonnetti – Half Brother to Dante and Jay Gardiner

Paulo Dubonnetti – Half Brother to Dante and Jay Gardiner

Antonio Dubonnetti – Half Brother to Dante and Jay Gardiner – Lover to Malleven Mancini

Stephan Dubonnetti – Youngest – Half Brother to Dante and Jay Gardiner



Cesaré Florianna – Head of the Florianna – Bonded to Lilian Gale by First Breath – king’s right hand on his council

Sandro Florianna – Eldest brother to Cesaré

David, Roberto and Mario – Brothers to Cesaré

Malleven Mancini – Cousin to Cesaré – most compatible with Isla Snow, Married to Lilian Gale, bonded to Phoebe Ray – Challenger for the Kingdom



Andreas – Elder of the Florianna royal family and uncle to Keenan Santalini

Keenan Santalini – Most compatible and mated to Lacy Rain

Ruby Santalini – Sister to Keenan and married to Jay Gardiner

Marius Santalini – Eldest brother to Keenan

Sandro, Drago and Louis – Brothers to Keenan

Reeve Santalini – Fellow guard and cousin to the brothers


The Humans

Jay Gardiner – Protector/Lover bonded to Tia Storm – Married to Ruby Santalini

Lance McCabe – Most compatible mate to Lilian Gale – Reincarnated from the male heir of the sect of the Five Moons (Incarnates)

Max Brunswick – Advisor to Dante for Atlantean history and language.

Glen – base player in Drew’s band Blunderbuss

Drew Stone – Mate to Phoebe Ray


The Scythians

Lord Croll – High Priest and commander

Seville – Mentor/Trainer and handler to Drew Stone


Those filling council seats and whom they represent

Dante Dubonnetti – King and head of council representing the Dubonnetti

Cesaré Florianna – King’s right hand and representing the Florianna

Keenan Santalini – Representing the Santalini

Darres Borge – Representing the Borge/Murrs

Lance McCabe – Representing the Human population

Sebastian and Alfonzo Bonaci – Representing the Bonaci in the absence of a Bonaci mate.


Protectors (Appearing in this book)

Sean McPhearson – Protector to Tia Storm

Cash Reynolds – Protector to Tia Storm

Connor – Protector to Phoebe Ray

River – Lily’s Protector and Lance’s band mate

Nathan – Lily’s Protector, Lance’s brother by adoption and fellow band mate


Terms particular to the Atlanteans


Divining ring– worn by all princes and forged particularly for them. Can only have one wearer. Forged from the Orb itself. Determines whether a Siren is nearby and the wearer’s status to her by its color

Opaque white – default resting color

Turquoise/green – a Siren is nearby

Purple – the Siren nearby is the wearer’s most compatible mate

Red – the wearer is excluded or disqualified from bonding with the Siren nearby. They should not marry or mate a Siren for fear of displeasing the Orb


Elixir – Potion taken by princes and those humans in contact with a Siren to prevent an extreme reaction or even death in the event of breathing her essence.


First Breath– The breath passed from a Siren for the very first time. Her power passes to the recipient only on the very first exchange. Usually reserved for the king.


Murrla – satellite Murr city situated near Antarctica


Scythians – Ancient warlike religious order of fighter monks rumored to kidnap small boys to indoctrinate and train them. Human supremacists, their sole aim is to destroy the Atlantean nation


The Arawans– the sect or The Way of the Five Moons – is the ancient religion of Atlanteans. Came with them from Atlas.


The Magi– ancient order of magicians and alchemists of which Malleven belongs. Mainly Human in origin but have worked alongside the Atlantean nation since the beginning of their colonization.


The Orb– the ancient power source of Atlanteans. Believed to rest beneath Murrtaine and came with their ancestors from Atlas

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