Two weeks of being a published Author!

April 12, 2015 tracy

Well i have to say that overall i have had a really positive two weeks. Now after the initial bewilderment at finally seeing in print what i’ve worked for years for, i am knuckling down to the hardest work of all; that is getting myself out there, promoting my books and social networking. It has been a real eyeopener to hear from so many different people from all walks of life, as well as from different countries. They’ve been book lovers, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, novelists, poets, globe trotters and even surfing equipment companies – (Possibly to do with the series link to the ocean) and i’ve enjoyed hearing from them all and finding out what exciting things they are doing.

Right now my life consists of the day job, writing, networking in the evenings, and riding my little Quarter Horse at the weekends, which is my relaxation. But my new book, Diablo, is almost finished and about to be edited. The cover art is going to be amazing. Sketches are being drawn up as we speak by a new artist.

For those digital art fans among you, don’t worry, Anna Dittmann is still very much on board and will be doing the cover art on the final three books of the Sirens Series. It is my aim to use a new brilliant young artist for each of my projects, so watch this space!

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