9th May 2015

May 9, 2015 tracy


I thought I’d share with you the picture that turned me on to my wonderful cover artist; Anna Dittmann. This picture is called Ink, and its aquatic feel told me like nothing else that this artist would understand my Sirens. The cold hard beauty of the colours and the soft femininity of the waves and movement of her hair.

I chose to commission original art for my covers as it is so much a part of my creative process – (I sketched my characters even before i wrote them down) To hash together something just wouldn’t have been me. Such is my dedication and the love of visual art, that it is my aim to use a new artist and original art for each of my projects.

I’m happy to announce that wonderful plein air artist; Alan Streets has completed a painting for me that i will be using for the cover of my new book: Diablo, due to be released soon.

When I have the time, I like to sketch. In fact, both of my children are brilliant young artists too. Both excelling in their very different styles.

Are you an artist? Do you work in an area that is really original? If you do I’d love to see your work. The ones that blow me away will defiantly be posted on this site. Who knows, if it’s good enough, it could find its way onto the cover of one of my books.


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