Prison inmates and horses.

May 16, 2015 tracy

Tia Storm has three protectors and she loves each of them in their own way. Cash Reynolds, the cowboy takes on the father figure role. She met him when she was on remand in a young offenders institution. Where did i get my idea for prison inmates working with horses? Well, the answer is in the USA. There are several really worth while programmes getting inmates out of their cells and into the fresh air, benefiting the horses they train as well as themselves.

“This horse is not used to being in a cage, and I’m not used to being in a cage either, so we have that bond,” an inmate says after his ride. “It’s up to me to make sure he doesn’t revert to being mean and scaring people. We have to respect and trust each other enough to get out.”

The benefit is obvious in that statement. Fiction really does have a basis in truth.

Minimum-security prison in Carson City, Nevada, Some newly obedient horses are put through their paces. Photograph: Daniel Hernandez for the Guardian – There are similar programmes in Wyoming and Colorado.inmates

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