Artwork by Alan Streets for the cover of Diablo!

June 6, 2015 tracy

I am thrilled to announce officially what i’ve been hinting at for months; that Alan Streets has very kindly agreed to do an original piece of artwork for the cover of Diablo – my new book.

For those who aren’t familiar with Alan’s work, he is a highly prolific plein air painter who suffers from schizophrenia and choses not to medicate in order to keep his creativity. I think you will agree that his unique take on the world is perfect for my latest book.

Diablo, is the story of a twenty something woman who bumps into a gorgeous man on a girl’s night out. She never dreamed that it could be the weird quiet kid she knew from school. Despite keeping her at arms length, a romance begins, but it becomes quickly obvious that he has a much sinister side. She gets pulled into his double life where she never really knows if he is mentally ill, or if something extraordinary or supernatural has happened to him.

Determined to stick with him no matter what, she finds out that everyone in his life ends up paying the ultimate price …

Click – Diablo

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