Character profile: Cash Reynolds

June 13, 2015 tracy

If you’ve read any of the 21st Century Sirens, you will be familiar with the term: Protector. All the sirens have them, and Tia Storm has three.

Cash Reynolds is a blond, blue-eyed, huge bear of a man, in his late thirties and the first Protector we meet. He is a cowboy and has a ranch that serves as Tia’s bolt hole throughout the series. He supplies horses to films – which is where Tia is first spotted by Marco Dubonnetti who drags her into the Atlantean world.

What else do we know of Cash Reynolds? Well, he is unmarried and is more of a father figure to Tia, but he has his little dalliances (The flame haired Miranda in book 1) so he’s no monk. As the series continues we learn that he first meets Tia in a detention centre for young adults, (See previous post – Horses and inmates) where he teaches western riding in a rehabilitation program. He soon recognises what she is, offers her a job, and watches over her from that day onward.

Cash is an Atlantean – not royal, but his family are decadents who kept up Atlantean traditions. It was his grandmother who told him about his heritage when he was only a small child, and that his destiny was to become a Protector to one of the five mystical princesses that had been foretold for centuries. She passed him down a necklace made of turquoise stones, thought to contain some of the orb itself – the power source taken from Atlas to earth around 10,000 years ago.

I love Cash as he is Tia’s rock. Both he and Sean McPhearson are always there for her no matter what, They are everything a girl could want: handsome, manly, caring, reliable and hopelessly in love with her 😉 Yum!

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