Sean MacPhearson – the soldier.

June 20, 2015 tracy

When we meet Sean he is already one of Tia’s Protectors and is serving with the British army. He’s a big rugged guy with strawberry-blonde crew-cut hair, freckles and blue eyes. Even out of uniform, ‘Everything about him shouted military.’

Like Cash, he is always there for her and drops everything when she needs him, but with an added complication of a wife and a baby on the way – Sarah. This causes problems, as you can imagine, but the full impact is not realised until book 3 – Shield Maiden.

Right from the start, Jay Gardiner suspects there is more Sean isn’t telling about his relationship with Tia, and takes it upon himself to get Sean on his own and press him for answers. Sean knows the ‘conversation’ is a long time coming, and they go for a jog together. There, we learn that Sean fell in love with Tia while he was on leave and she was Djing in Ibiza. After seeing her stripes, he guesses what she is, and knows he can never get close to her. And so he takes his position of Protector from that day to this.

Every girl needs a Sean in her life:)


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