Home from Japan – Ready to start Tiger Lily

July 19, 2015 tracy

Back home now after our trip of a lifetime, and i’m so glad i went to see for myself the home of Isla Snow.

Even though the cities are densley populated, i never realised how green and lush the countryside is – truly picturesque. We had a fabulous time sampling the super fresh sashimi at the fish markets, visiting the shrines and temples, and listening to the atmospheric traditional music played for us.

Meant as a taster for my daughter before she starts her university course, it quickly became a source of inspiration for me. Diablo now finished, it wasn’t long before my mind came back to the sirens series, and book 4 – Tiger Lily. I’m only at the composting stage, but the bones of the book have been in my head a long time. Do you want a clue?

In book 3, rumours were already abounding about sightings of a fourth Siren on the west coast of the United States. Isla had hurt a good man in Cesare`, rejected Malleven and the Florianna family, and chosen her own mate in Darres Borge, prince of Murrtaine. This left a megalomaniac left for dead and scorned, and a royal family without their designated siren. Humiliated and alone, Cesare` leaves to go back to the only thing he knows – the life of a surfer and drifter.

Book 4 picks up the story in California. Lillian Gale has fallen through the net of social care and spent most of her life on the streets. Discovered by Shona and accepted into a group of bohemian, musician, surfers, she learns who she is and who she will become. All her new friends are Atlantean, and one among them is a prince. Deeply attracted to him immediately, she is devastated when he cruelty rejects her. But there are many princes who all want a seat on the council, and a family who feels cheated out of theirs. It isn’t long before her wounds are soothed by a dark, dangerous, Lothario waiting to catch her. He says all the right things and connects with her on a level no one has ever bothered with before. Swept off her feet, will Lily pledge to this dark lover, and be the first of the sisters not to commit to Dante the new king?

I can’t wait to get started. Rest assured that all our much loved heroes are still there loving and feuding. Tia is still battling her demons and her lovers in Dante and Jay, Malleven is back being badder than ever, and Cesare` just gets hotter by the minute. 😉Tiger lily




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