Dante Dubonnetti – Passionate, volatile and hot!

July 25, 2015 tracy

Tall dark and handsome is an understatement for this Man. With the cheek of the Irish and the passion and temper of an Italian, how could Tia Storm resist this 6:3 smouldering eldest son of the Dubonnetti royal family?

Hounded by his father for most of his life, Dante has submerged himself in a life of parties, drink and drugs. Believing all he’d ever been taught about Atlanteans, hidden sirens and destined mates were the ravings of a lunatic, Dante rebelled at every turn– that is until he meets Tia Storm.

Finding his destined mate, and becoming the first Atlantean king in 500 years, Dante has a purpose for the first time in his life. Resolved to win his wayward bride no matter what, he sets about being a good politician, diplomat and statesman. Nothing has ever been this important before.

But this is still Dante Dubonnetti–more than a little bit crazy. He’s a volatile lover, a devious scoundrel and Jay Gardeners best friend. The readership is split, who do you want Tia to end up with?

Dante wetSizzling hot!


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