Keenan Santalini

September 12, 2015 tracy

Keenan is a tall gangly youth with a slit in his eyebrow and his ears full of shrapnel, when we first meet him at the beginning of Blood Sister. Running with his crew, including his best friend; Vince, he is a streetwise bad boy with a temper and protects Lacy with a focus bordering on the insane. Living as brother and sister in care in London’s East End, it doesn’t take long for the rumours of incest to start circulating. But he is no closer to Lacy blood-wise than  to any of the other royals in the five families. They’d been placed together hidden in the world for their own safety until it is time for them to come home.

Keenan is wildly attracted to Lacy, as all mates are to their destined partners, but Keenan keeps his distance, reasoning that she is too young to know her own mind, despite her constant teasing. Driven to the point where he can no-longer resist her, Keenan finally gives in and makes her his. It seems that Keenan is the luckiest of all the princes when he gets to be bound in blood and brought up with his destined siren, but his protectiveness back-fires and Lacy is left vulnerable and is spirited away.

It is a cruel blow to Keenan when he has finally admitted his feelings for Lacy. But his brothers are there to catch him from his tail spin, and for the first time he feels like he belongs somewhere – part of a family. The Santalinis are the special forces of the race, and while he searches for Lacy, he learns to be what he was always destined for – a soldier and a royal Santalini prince.

Destiny dictates that he and Lacy are reunited, but not without its problems, but they resolve to work it out. Now based in New York with his Siren, Vince and his boys, who are all part of the Santalini family, Keenan has everything he has always wanted. He is a trained super-fit soldier who is now in the service of protecting the new king; Dante Dubonnetti – who tries his patience sorely. And Jay is fast becoming one of his closest friends. What could go wrong?

Malleven is believed dead at the end of book 3 – Shield Maiden. Keenan won’t rest until he knows for sure and made him pay for what he has done to his woman. He is just biding his time – despite Dante’s orders to follow the law. On this he won’t be swayed.

Keenan has grown into a confident, six feet five, sexy, heavily tattooed, killing machine, with a penchant for blood … The sirens all love him and so do I.


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