Cesare` Florianna – Italian, surfer, prince.

October 4, 2015 tracy

Cesare` Florianna has it all. Tall, tanned, and blue-eyed, with shoulder length blonde hair, he is irresistible to the ladies. He is also an Atlantean prince, from the richest, principal branch of the Florianna royal family, based in Italy. Blessed also with an easy going, laid-back character, and effortlessly charming, he is always forgiven for his hopeless efforts in sticking to any one girl or anything remotely serious. He is also Malleven’s best friend and cousin, both being brought up and educated together. But where Malleven studied hard and grabbed every opportunity, Cesare` preferred to fritter his time away getting drunk, stoned or surfing – usually all three.

It was everything that Cesare` had that secretly got to Malleven, when he seemed to take everything that landed in his lap for grated – especially his standing within the Florianna family. He was one of the prophesied five sons and seen as one of the most likely to be compatible with a siren. Fate however, had other ideas when the siren, Isla Snow, was meant for Malleven. But by then, Malleven had made mortal enemies of the new royal family, and so he conspired to use Cesare` to get the crown for himself.

At first, Cesare`couldn’t believe he had actually found his siren, and set about trying to be a serious prince worthy of a siren. Then after a time, he became frustrated when the charm he was famous for failed to work. It was well known that compatible mates should be made for each other with some kind of crazy attraction, but Isla seemed uninterested in him. This made him try harder than he had ever done in a life before. So when the truth finally comes out; that his divining ring had been tampered with and Isla wasn’t his at all, he was devastated. He had let his guard completely down for the first time with a woman and she had betrayed him – ¬†worse than that, she had helped his favourite cousin ruin him and his reputation in the cruellest way possible.

Cesare` leaves court at the end of Shield Maiden and returns to the only life he knows; that of a surfer and playboy. At the beginning of Tiger Lily (Book 4) we pick up his life from the point when he arrives back in California. No-longer the easygoing, carefree charmer, he is angry and hurt. Disgraced in front of the whole Atlantean world, bitterness threatens to overwhelm him. Will he ever return to normal? Probably not. While there is a chance that Malleven still lives, Cesare` can’t have closure. He is a now a dark man with a score to settle.

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