Isla Snow – the third Siren

October 10, 2015 tracy

At first glance it seems that Isla Snow has the best start in life out of all the sirens so far. Brought up in a monastery in Japan with her beloved sensei, tutored and cared for, she wanted for nothing. But at eight years old she is bartered in an agreement with the human governments to cement the two races for a peaceful existence, sharing the earth side by side.

She loses everything when her sensei is murdered, and she is trained as an agent for the American government. Then, in a chance meeting when she is sent to murder a Florianna prince, she meets Malleven Mancini for the first time – a powerful, ambitious and cunning male. It seems her fate is sealed.

Two years later she is released into his hands only to find he is her destined mate. Despite being a trained killer, she is powerless against him. It seems that being his most compatible partner means she is unable to resist their overwhelming attraction. She becomes trapped and enslaved as never before.

Tragically, her heart belongs to Darres Borge – a prince of Murrtaine, captured and held by the Americans. This proves that the bond with a destined mate is physical and nothing to do with the heart. But Darres thinks she worked with the Americans to trick him, and rejects her when he escapes and meets her again.

There is nothing left, and she is forced to do her duty as a siren and marry Malleven. The Florianna family needs a seat on the new king’s council. But she is strong and not beaten yet. Realising that the wedding is also an opportunity to reject her partner, she leaves Malleven for dead. Even though her life has been pushed from one master to another, it proves that Isla Snow is very much her own woman, and every bit a royal Bonaci Siren.

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