Dino and Luca Bonaci – Crown Princes

October 25, 2015 tracy

Dino and Luca first appear in the early chapters of Soul Breather described as tall, dark, GQ model type men, with pale green eyes the colour of apples. Looks wise they seem to have it all, but they share only their father, Sebastian, with the sirens. Their mother was of African decent and we no little about her – except it was she who gave them their darker skinned genes. We’re not sure at this stage even whether she’s still alive. All we know is that they didn’t escape their sisters’ awful upbringing. They too were placed in foster care with Tia storm to keep her company and hide who she was – only to be liberated when she reached sixteen so as not to affect fate and her meeting her destined mate.

They now live with their father, uncle, and the royal family at Ballygowan Castle. They support them in the smooth running of royal affairs and seem very much in the background. That is until they are invited to Marco Dubonnetti’s apartment to a party in Blood Sister. Why did they go? Marco has invited them along purely because they are half brothers to the sirens, and as well as several others, have absolutely no chance of marrying into power and having a seat in Dante’s new government. They have been completely sidelined. Marco hopes they are ambitious and dissatisfied in order to manipulate them. The question is are they?

We’re not sure yet, we don’t know enough about them. Dino appears to care for Tia, he was genuinely upset when she accused him of abandoning her. All I can say is, with looks like these they can’t be wallflowers for long. They will definitely come into their own later in the series – possibly with their own love interests. We’ll have to wait and see. Good or bad, we will definitely be seeing more of these hotties.

Dino Luca

Dino and Luca sporting their Atlantean tattoos!

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