Girl next door – Grace Fellows

December 6, 2015 tracy

It’s only fifteen days until Diablo is released. This one was bloody hard work. I have been working full time and writing every spare chance i got – that, and promoting my series. Finally it has all come together , and i couldn’t be more pleased.

This one is far darker than the sirens. I guess it was the place i was at when i wrote it. Everything in my life felt dark, scary, and isolated. It was inevitable that a character like Grace was born.

Grace is the girl next door. She has ‘brownish hair to her shoulders, small nose, lips too thin, butt too big and boobs not big enough.’ She works in London as a secretary and lives in a modest mid terrace, two up two down, in a small village on the outskirts. Her best friend, Janey, and her husband Dave, are her only family, and she has spent the last ten years partying and avoiding any lasting relationships.

That is until she goes out on one of her her regular girly nights with her oldest friends to Covent Garden. There she meets the man who will change her for ever. Dylan O’Shea walks into her life like a bomb going off. Slowly reeling her in by blowing hot and cold, he drives her crazy. Then when he disappears, he leaves her gagging for more. He becomes the puzzle she is determined to solve.Grace fellows

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