Interview with Jay Gardiner – the inside scoop!

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Sexy Jay

A rare playful photoshoot with Jay

Nerves were getting the better of me waiting in the private sitting room of the Bluebell Hotel. When Jay walked in after agreeing to a small photoshoot, i was struck dumb immediately by the strength and confidence he exuded.

He sat down opposite me and offered me a drink. Despite needing one badly i declined, deciding I needed a clear head for this.

T – Thanks for making the time for me – I know you’re a busy man.

He sat back in his chair and relaxed with his small smile that made me feel all kinds of uncomfortable.

J – No trouble at all. As a matter of fact, I’m leaving in a few hours to spend a couple of weeks in Barbados.

T – Oh, is that Dante’s place?

Jay nods, still regarding me closely. The sod knows how uncomfortable he’s making me.

T – Will you be meeting Tia there?

Jay’s expression immediately changes. So Tia is off limits for this discussion.

J – Not this time.

I decided to change tack.

T – So you’re still good friends with Dante then … I mean if you’re staying at his place?

J – Of course. What makes you think we aren’t?

T – Only that at the end of Shield Maiden, it all seems a bit strained between the two of you.

He looks me dead in the eye with his steely stare.

J – Dante and me will always be friends.

I swallowed hard, feeling like i just got told off.

J – Why don’t you get straight to what you really want to ask?

He was looking at me cynically with his eyebrows raised. I was a little taken aback. I knew he was a tough character and one you wouldn’t want to upset – Very sexy but a bit scary at the same time.

I decided to bite the bullet.

T – Ok … Is it true you have a blood addiction?

Jay’s eyebrows popped again as if i had surprised him with my bluntness. He conceded with a nod.

J – I suppose i asked for that. No … I don’t.

T – But you do take it … even though you’re not meant to?

Jay looked bored.

J – It has been known … next question?

I hit him again with both barrels.

T – Are you in a relationship at the moment – other than with Tia?

He narrowed his eyes and smiled like he wasn’t going to fall into any of my traps – darn! He knew exactly what i was trying to do.

J – I’m not in a relationship with anyone.

I was dying to ask him about where he got the marks on his neck, that he even wore right at that moment, but his whole posture told me not to even go there.

Shit! I shuffled through my notes to change the subject again.

T – Do you think you and Tia will be able to remain friends?

J – I hope so … we do have a son together.

T – How is JJ?

Jay smiled and relaxed immediately.

J – He’s very well, Thank you.

T – Did Isla come and work with his telekinesis as she promised?

Jay tilted his head as if he was impressed that i remembered, then nodded.

J – She’s coming to Ireland when i get back from Barbados – She’s bringing her boys.

T – That’s lovely. Are there any other likely additions in the royal household?

Jay shifted in his chair as if i was on dangerous ground again. Oops!

J – I’m not the person to ask.

T – Don’t you want any more?

Again the cold stare.

J – No.

That sounded pretty final. He looked at his watch and i could tell the interview was coming to a close as far as he was concerned.

T – Before we finish up, I know the readers are dying to know …

Jay just sat and waited, knowing he wasn’t going to like it.

I persisted anyway.

T – Are you the Darkly Begotten?

HIs face remained deadpan – giving nothing away.

J – There are those who think so.

And that was it. I knew he would give me nothing further.

T – Ah come on, Jay … Tiger Lily is almost done … can you give the readers any hint at what’s to come?

He genuinely laughs then, and oh my, i could see what Tia sees in him. The bloke was sexy.

He looked around him while he thought for a moment.

J – Look, I can’t talk for the others, but for me … I’m trying to stay away from Tia.

I watched him drinking up every word.

J – Let’s just say, I fall off the wagon big-time, in more ways than one … And me and Dante are the furthest apart we’ve ever been.

Then he grinned his charismatic smile, stood up, signalling the interview was over.

I stood as well in a daze.

T – Oh no … It is salvageable?

J – I certainly hope so. Now i really must get going.

He kissed me on both cheeks and i got a waft of eau de Jay and my knees wobbled a bit.

T – Thank you for your time.

J – No worries.

Then he left me standing there like a wally.

Shit! I’d better set up an interview with Dante. I needed to know more …



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