A rare insight into the king – Dante Dubonnetti

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Dante the king

Dante looking very regal!


T – Thank you for taking the time to see me, Your Highness.

D – Oh go on with yer, sit and ask yer questions.

I did as i was told. He seemed in a very jovial mood. I sorted through my questions and got straight to it.

T – It’s been a while since we’ve seen what you’re up to. Can you give us an update – like is Tia and the kids ok?

D – Yes, they’re grand thanks.

T –  So you and Tia, are you still together?

He laughed easily. God that smile was gorgeous. He nodded.

D – We are.

T – Only i spoke to Jay last week …

The smile faded a little from his face.

D – How is he?

The look of concern troubled me.

T – You’ve not seen him?

Dante looked uncomfortable for the first time.

D – He’s kinda got his own thing going on at the moment.

T – So you’ve drifted apart?

D – It gets a little strained at times – you can understand.

He looked at me in a way that said, ‘i know you know.’

T – Can you give the readers some clues. Is it going to get better for the three of you in Tiger Lily?

He took a moment to compose himself and walked around the room and leaned on the edge of the desk.

D – I have to get tough, ya know? I have to show the world who’s king.

T – With Jay?

He nods

D – Jay, Keenan, both me fathers.

T – And Tia?

He visibly softens and smiles.

D – God that woman tries me patience. But we are the closest we’ve ever been – There may even be the patter of more tiny feet.

He grins wickedly at my shocked face.

T – More kids?

He nods still smiling and holds up two more fingers.

T – Congratulations!

D – Thanks

May face falls when I think of Jay and what he said in my interview last week.

T – How does Jay take it?

He looks around and shrugs.

D – He’s had every chance … I did back off for him, remember?

I nodded.

D – Besides, Jay is walking down the aisle himself.

T – He is? Who?

Dante laughs loudly and waggles a finger.

D – I’ve said too much … he’ll kill me.

Still reeling at the shock of all this news, i shuffled through my notes to change the subject.

T – The fourth Siren … do you know who she is.

D – I do.

T – Do you know where she is?

D – I do now.

T – She’s not with you?

D – Not yet.

T – But it’s just a matter of time?

He sighs deeply and bobs his head.

D – I hope so, but this one is a lot more complicated than the others.

I grinned at him.

T – Can you tell us who her destined mate is?

Laughter bubbled up in him.

D – At this stage, i can honestly say i don’t know.

T – Can you tell us anything about her at all?

D – Her name is Lillian Gale. She’s a drummer, first reported to be hanging out with a crew of Atlantean surfers in Southern California.

T – Where is she now?

He shrugged and stood up telling me my time was up.

D – Not sure, last known sighting was in Italy.

I hitched a breath

T – Cesare`? … Not Malleven?

He reached out a hand for me to shake.

D – It’s been a pleasure, T.

His eyes glistened with mischief as he grinned at me.

T – You too!

And with that he pecked me on the side of the cheek and left. I’m more confused than ever. What was going on over here. More kids, Jay remarrying, and in possible trouble with Dante – Plus, was Malleven still alive?

One thing I was sure of was, i knew now why Tia found it so hard to choose between the two of  them.









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