Interview with Naomi – a genuine Murr!

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As requested, i conducted the weirdest interview ever. It was slightly disconcerting interviewing someone with no vocal cords, who transmits their thoughts straight to your head and reads yours. But the thing i was dying to experience was the original language of the Murrs – Mind Pictures, and the feelings projected along with them. Here is the interview conducted with Naomi Borge Bonaci, (the sirens mother) from the Great Hall of Ballygowan Castle :

T – Good morning Naomi!

She nods her head demurely.

T – Did you come straight from Murrtaine this morning … I mean do you spend long periods of time here at the castle?

At first sight, you can tell Naomi isn’t human. Even though her stripes aren’t visible, her skin has a bluish tinge, she is extremely tall, her eyes are overly large, and she sits unnaturally still.

N – I spend a few hours at a time, then i feel the need to get back into the water. It feels strange to me here.

Whoa! That was amazing. Words in my head, a different voice to my own, strong and as clear as a bell.

She smiles strangely but her eyes don’t express it. She nods again. Shit! She’s reading my thoughts. Her bubbling laughter sounds in my head.

T – Wow, that is unbelievable. I’ve never felt anything like it. Do you think you can talk to me briefly in your own language?

Instantly a picture came to me:


OMG! I saw it, and i instinctively knew it was her, Sebastian and one of their children. A feeling of love swept over me in a torrent. But who was this? Which one of the Sirens?


It was Tia. I’m not sure how i knew, but i was certain. This was a truly amazing experience, to feel what it would be like to communicate in an Alien language.

T – Please can you give me a sneak peak of Murrtaine, Naomi. I know it is a secret, but surely it wouldn’t give away where it is?

murrtaineArtist unknown

T – In a bubble on the ocean floor?

N – Yes, but you wouldn’t be able to see it unless it was allowed. It is a live membrane that can be passed through and then re-seals itself. It is impossible to locate unless you know where it is.

I was filled with excitement.

T – Will the readers ever get to see and experience Murrtaine?

N – Yes, in book 5 – Little Monster, I believe. The sirens must travel there and its whole existence is threatened.

T – Oh no, I hope everything works out.

N – we have survived 10,000 years here.

I suppose so. I guessed my time was almost up, and wanted to quickly ask one last question.

T – Do you get to meet your fourth daughter in Tiger Lily?

N – Yes i do. She is beautiful. Unfortunately she has had a very rough time and has equally troublesome times ahead.

T – Does she get a happy ending?

N – I certainly hope so, but her’s is a little more complicated than the others.

Bloody hell! It would have to be bad then.

Naomi smiled having read my response again. She bowed her head and appeared to float away to find Sebastian, the great love of her life.

There is is. I hope the ideas for Murrtaine have intrigued you. I absolutely loved writing it. 😉


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