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Diablo hood

Hi all!

It’s been a while since i posted and i apologise for that. I have moved house and started my new migraine wise blog which you can find at – There, you can learn how i managed to be a writer despite suffering chronic migraine. You never know it could help you too.

Diablo – has been out three months now, and i’ve had some great feedback and reviews. In case you haven’t read it yet, it is a whole lot darker than the series. The truth is, i had to write it as Shield Maiden (Book 3) of the series was going way too far down the dark route, so i needed to expel the need, and so Diablo came into my head. I’m back on track with the series now with Tiger Lily and it has the feel i wanted it to have. The first draft is almost done.

The cover – Most people loved the Alan Streets artwork on the cover, but i was sad that some didn’t get it. The thing was, when i needed to turn my attention to who i would use for this project, it was a no-brainer. If you’re interested you can watch the documentary about Alan at –   and see how he really links to the plot. Then it will make sense. I also wrote this exact picture into the story line in Dylan’s Diary. And those who are really familiar with what i do will know that one of my passions is art, and that i love to showcase huge talent through my books.

The darkness – I really got to indulge my dark side in this book, peering into the suffering of those with a  mental illness. But i also got to ask those ‘what if’s’. What if there are other dimensions? What if heaven could be scientifically explained as one of these? What if angels and demons were merely travellers through space from incorporeal worlds?

I got to touch on the shady worlds of the sex industry and the dark violence that hides in some people – only coming out in the underbelly of life few of us see.

I also got to highlight the dissatisfaction of a lot of women – those who ‘have it all’ the house, the husband and the 2.4 kids, that feel life should hold more for them, and those who search and crave that special someone to have that with, only to find their relationship is unfulfilled.

It is still a romance, although grittier than the series, i do hope the guys get something out of this too. The idea that fascinated me, and still does, is what people will put up with for true love. How we make excuses and always want to see the good, and how sex seems to be at the root of that powerful connection. Sex isn’t everything, but it is a pillar in a relationship, one that if it isn’t there, or of it crumbles, the whole relationship comes crashing down. In Grace and Dylan’s case, it’s smoking.

Grace Fellows i love, as she has the delightful balance between being a relatively sheltered person, but is strong and not afraid of going for what she wants. And Dylan, well, he knows everything bad and dark, and seeks the light through Grace. But doesn’t that make him all the more attractive girls?

The ending – Dylan. I don’t think it really matters for him which way you interpret the ending. The truth is that Dylan wants to rid himself of Diablo, whether that is to the other side of the universe or from his subconscious. He wants to be there for Grace and to keep her safe. So in a weird way, he is a kind of Prince Charming, in his sexy, studded, tattooed, cage fighting, porn star, kind of way, Lol. God i love writing …

Trailer – I haven’t done much promotion on Diablo so far as i have been so busy, but a trailer is in the process of being made, and i’ll be putting it here first.

Mailing list – Lastly, if you haven’t already, join my mailing list. I have a new novella which i am only releasing from here free to my subscribers. It is the long awaited story of Sean and Sarah, to accompany the 21st Century Sirens Series. Keep your eyes open. It’s coming very soon.

Best wishes to you all.


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