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young atlanteans

Something i’ve been toying with for a long while is running a series on my blog, rather like a soap opera. I wanted to appeal to a younger readership so the natural progression was to tell the story of the offspring of the Sirens and their mates.

I’m going to try not to give any spoilers from the Adult series, but youngsters will appear who haven’t yet been revealed in the books.

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Here’s a few of the characters – (Nic Pletts by Andree Martis and Demian Dupuis) Is JJJJ

(model Francisco Lachowski) is Xavier


And this beautiful girl is Alexia (model unknown)


Other characters you will know are: –

Ronnie (Sarah and Sean’s boy)

Kiefer and Dannon (Isla and Darres)

New ones to meet, not yet revealed in the books are: –

Raphael, Talia, Edan, Ashling, Leif, Fleur, Isadora, Kenji, Dorian and Leonie.

Thats 16 kids full of ‘teen spirit’.

Set in the future

It’s been a few years since the end of the last book in the 21st Century Sirens series. The kids of all the main players are almost grown up. Most have been home schooled together at the castle, a few have gone to school in Murrtaine. A shaky truce still exists between the Atlantean king and the Human governments. Neither want to risk a further return form their Atlasian ancestors.

The time has come when the youngsters need to learn what the world is all about. After all, they will rule the earth one day, so it makes sense for them to mix and learn from their subjects. The Human governments are insisting on it.

At first they are placed in the prestigious Phillips Granger School in New Hampshire in the USA. They find it hard to settle and fit in. Then, after a council meeting held by the king, an inner London secondary school is chosen. The royal families are up in arms over it, insisting that it is not fitting for the station of their youngsters, but the parents, many of whom grew up in areas just as tough, think it is the perfect place for them to learn, flourish and stay under the radar.

And so it is all organised. The sixteen Atlantean progeny are to start at the ethnically diverse, Marcus Garvey, in Lambeth, South London.

Ooh, i can’t wait!



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