Tiger Lily Cover Blurb

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This is the final sketch of the Tiger Lily cover. As usual, Anna Dittmann has done an amazing job.


Here is the final cover blurb. The release date for Tiger Lily will be announced soon!


When the Siren calls, the wind will follow … and there will always be blood! (Atlantean Proverb)


The Atlanteans have co-existed with humans for centuries, but it’s a shaky truce. Dante Dubonnetti, holds his crown precariously with the help of three Siren sisters. With his enemies closing in, and two sisters still unaccounted for, the stakes couldn’t be higher…




LILIAN GALE is like no one else she knows. After fighting to survive, and with nothing but a pair of drumsticks, she escapes London for the sun-kissed dream of California. Pretty soon she falls in with a crew of surfers who aren’t quite what they seem.


Under the wing of their sexy, laid-back leader, LANCE McCABE, she pieces together who she is. Slowly but surely, she learns to trust. But he is hiding a terrible secret.


At her lowest ebb, a mysterious stranger makes her a once-in-a-lifetime proposition. A seductive man with a heady mix of sinful good looks and even darker magic, he is ready to not only protect her, but satisfy her every desire.


Sucked into the Atlantean world where fate decides lovers, magic enters dreams, and a mere kiss can affect her whole future, Lily is trapped in a gilded cage. Even after a daring escape, she finds herself more deeply embroiled than ever before. It’s time to decide where her true love and loyalties lie.


But with a kingdom at stake, and a prophecy of spilled blood, does she really have a choice?


Hell, yeah! She’s a 21st Century Siren … and never follows the rules!


TIGER LILY is Book 4 in the 21st Century Sirens Series.


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