Night Goddess just weeks away!

September 1, 2018 tracy No comments exist

Hi everyone, the long awaited fifth book in the series is finished and in its last editing stages.

I am happy to reveal the cover blurb to wet your appetite and a sneak peak at the superb Anna Dittmann artwork especially commissioned for me.


Everything we are and everything we’re meant to be is written in our blood …


In this, the penultimate installment of the 21stCentury Sirens series, there is just one siren left unaccounted for. The truce with the humans is crumbling and Dante, the king, is struggling to hold the Atlantean race together. Meanwhile, in the shadows, a sect of warrior monks works tirelessly to wipe them from the face of the earth for ever.




PHOEBE RAY has planned a fun gap year in Seattle, but a wild night with enigmatic rock singer DREW STONE changes everything.


In the heat of passion, he makes the mistake of giving her his blood. Not that he has much choice when the change comes over her. Surprisingly he sticks around and from that moment they are inseparable and their whole world turns upside down.


After an offer they can’t refuse, they’re taken to a castle in Ireland to meet her people; a race Phoebe never knew existed. Hidden in plain sight, the Atlanteans have inhabited the earth for thousands of years. It soon becomes apparent that, even there, blood-drinking is frowned upon. Phoebe and Drew find themselves distrusted, and under scrutiny because something is happening with Drew too. He’s changing.


In a world out to get them, where no one can be trusted, all they want is to be together. But she is the very last in a 10,000-year-old prophecy and Drew could derail it all.


Time has run out and the Atlanteans are at risk of discovery. In the end it all rests on Phoebe…


Is she up to the task?… She’s a 21st Century Siren and makes up her own rules!



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